1. Location

    Coman Gym…follow the signs on campus on Victoria Road
    Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
    340 Victoria Road
    Asheville, NC 28801
    AB Tech is a Tobacco Free Campus
    Contact Person: Waddell Client Center 255-3066

  2. Arrival Time

    Friday and Saturday Clinics will open at 7:00 AM on Friday and Saturday. Clients are taken first come, first served.

  3. Parking

    Please park in the lot reserved for patients. Follow the signs on Victoria Road to the back of Coman gym. (Parking to the right, behind the Smith McDowell House is reserved for volunteers)

    Bus Route 18 will drop off clients at a stop on Victoria Road near the Coman Gym. Patients will need to walk up the slight hill, following the parking signs and continue around the North side of the gym to the far side where Door “A” is located. (See later notes below)

  4. What to Wear

    Casual clothing and very comfortable shoes as some walking may be involved.

  5. What NOT to bring

    Please do not bring any valuables to the clinic site; leave them at home, or lock them in the trunk of your car. The NC MOM program/ Eblen Charities cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

    Also, bring no more than one other person. Due to the large demand for care, little space is available for non-patient waiting. No child care is available. Only the patient will be allowed at the dental chair during treatment.

    Cell phones should be turned off at the dental chair.

  6. What to Bring

    Patience, flexibility, and good humor. The volunteers are here to serve you to the best of their ability.

    Bring a list of your current medications, their dosage and frequency and come prepared to complete a brief medical history and have your blood pressure taken.

  7. On-site check-in

    1. All clients will need to line up at Door “A” on the West side of Coman Gym where the elm tree and deck are located.
    2. Entering thru Door “A”, proceed down the hall to the left to the medical history and blood pressure screening stations.
    3. Exit thru Door “B” and continue to your right to the X-Ray Van, located on the North side of the Gym.
    4. From the van, re-enter the Gym thru Door “C” on the North side of the gym near the van and go to the triage stations where dentists will plan the services you need. (Services include fillings, extractions, root canals and cleanings)
    5. From the triage stations, you will move to the pre-treatment holding area… Bleachers in the gym labeled according to the treatment you are to receive. Should you only require a cleaning, a volunteer will accompany you to the Dental Teaching Clinic located in the Rhododendron Building on campus and will return you to the gym as needed.
    6. You will be escorted to a dental chair for treatment as a dental professional becomes available.
    7. After treatment, you will check-out just outside Door “D”
    8. Food Snack items and water will be available.